Gratitude Wall

Gratitude Wall

Folks, this is the space on my site where I’d LOVE to hear your celebrations of gratitude. I’ve seen a lot of “confessional” posts around the web where people talk about how stressed they are, about how they wished things were different and about how things aren’t going the way they want.

I’d like to turn it around. This is a confessional where you can confess the GOOD stuff! Tell us what’s going on that you’re happy about, share your stories of angels and guides showing you their love and don’t be afraid to acknowledge the gifts you’ve been given, big or small. Drop a comment below or email me directly ( and let’s celebrate the positive things that we’re grateful for, and inspire others to do the same!

Today, 24/06/14 I’m grateful for the following:
* The strength I’ve been given to acknowledge and work with my gift. This has been something I’ve struggled with, and I’m grateful for the ability to keep my positivity and aura readings going.
* The friends and family I have who do so much for me.
* The fact that I simply have a room over my head and have eaten three meals today, when there are others who haven’t.
Thank you, Universe!

What wonderful things are you grateful for?

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