Auras explained (How I see them)

Disclaimer: I can’t stress enough that the views herein are mine alone. I don’t intend to speak for every aura reader, but I do intend to open my personal book up and let you read the pages. I’ll attempt to shed some light on what I do, why I do it, and give you an idea of what I see. I say this because I don’t want you to read this, go to your local aura reader, get something different or unlike this and then feel cheated.

It can be difficult to explain I read auras. It’s taken a while for me to even acknowledge the fact – it’s hard to go up to someone and say “Hi! Your aura is orange and purple. I read that as determination, focus and angelic protection, so it’ll be OK – the changes you’re making are positive and will be guided positively by angels and guides, that you may or may not even believe in”. Yikes. Again, an important note is that this is how I do this – I’m not saying this is the right way or the only way, but the colours I see and the interpretations I make are the ways I make them – if you got someone else to read your aura, they may explain different things in a different way. It wouldn’t make either of us right or wrong, just the methods we use are different.

My first real interaction with auras was, oddly enough, on one of those quiz sites. I was 16 and bored – oh man, does that statement lead to a raft of stories (none of which will be expanded on in this medium). I wanted to know what colour my aura was. I was reliably informed that, based on which particular options I clicked in whatever order, my aura was GOLD and that was a GOOD THING. My first point is that, in my personal experience of what I see, that would be… let’s just say “equine excrement”. If I had to come up with a list of things I’ve learned about auras, I’d say that number one is Auras are different due to circumstance, thinking pattern, external events and your reaction to them. They are also rarely just one colour at a time. For me, it’s like taking a picture versus watching a movie. When I see you or talk to you, I’m able to see your aura right now – I can’t tell you what it’s going to be like in an hour, a week, a day. Those circumstances haven’t revealed themselves yet. As I see it, it’s a metaphysical indication of how your soul is reacting at that time to the influences on it. You’re tired, stressing out and you feel trapped, I read your aura one way – the next morning when we talk, you’re rested, you’ve thought about things, perhaps a guide visited you in your sleep and calmed you down and so your aura will look different.

Why do I read auras?
Because I can explain them. I can use what I read to help people, and so I must. Let’s say you were artist. You NEEDED to draw. You’d find a way to draw – it wouldn’t matter if you had to paint with your feet or mouth, you’d find a way. My motivation to read auras is simply may way of using what I’ve been given to help people – help them understand how their soul is feeling so they can nourish it, grow themselves and unlock their awesomeness.

Is it just colours?
Sometimes I get musical notes as well. They generally relate to emotions, as detailed below.

What do you see when you see an aura?

I realise it’s probably easier to herd wet cats in a disco than try and explain this, but I can see colours, effects and hear sounds. If someone’s in front of me, it can be like an extra layer of clothing, hovering around them. If they’re on the phone, it generally presents as colours mixed in as they talk – like a white canvas being filled with the colours I’m picking up. That said, I’ll show you below examples of the colours I see, with notes explaining how I interpret them. There may be some colours that aren’t strictly how I’ve called them in my notes, but it’s the best representation of what I see:

Dark Blue
Blue is a physically peaceful, calm feeling. Blue is like being spreadeagle in an ocean on a warm day – floating, with the sunshine on your face and being alone with your thoughts. Bliss!

Purple is angelic protection. Your guides and angels are keeping you safe, and you’ll be more attuned to signs from them.

Silver is communicating with guides. They are actively sending you messages – it’s less about sending you signs like when I get purple, and more about being super obvious about it – so you’ll get guide visits during dreams, certain songs will play to remind you of people or events, and you’ll have realisations from seemingly nowhere.

Pink is probably one of my favourite colours to see. It’s this awesome, childish happy energy. It’s uptempo, bouncy and fun! I know that some people might think that “pink is for girls, blue is for boys”, and this relates to feminine energy, so there may be a reluctance on the part of a male to hear his aura is pink, but it’s totally cool. Pink is a positive, fun colour. Run, play, have fun! It’s totally ok to sing into a hairbrush right here.

Light Blue
Here’s a shading difference that changes the reading. We’ve dealt with dark blue – the physical peaceful feeling. Light blue, like this, is again a happy, childish energy. It’s masculine, and yes, girls can indulge their inner boy – run outside, swing from trees (this isn’t gender profiling, my nieces climb like crazy), get muddy and have a great time!

This is roughly what I call mustard. When I see mustard, it relates to physical illness. It’s not nice to see, but if I see it, I’ll call it – you need to know, as it often relates to something serious and persistent – the cough you should get checked out, the cold you’ve had for weeks.

Dark Brown
Dark brown is a bad metaphysical place. People who have dark brown around them are generally suppressing a lot of negative emotions – pain, anger and so on – and it’s manifesting in their aura. It can be fixed. It’s not simple, and it’s not an instant fix, but the best way to move from dark brown to forest green (more on that beautiful colour shortly) is to confront these issues. What is hurting you? What are you holding on to and not confronting? What’s stopping you from working through this? It’s OK – once again, you can work through this.

As you can see from the notes, yellow sometimes can be a dual meaning. It can relate to health as it’s close to mustard (positive – things will get better or continue well) or it can relate to searching for your passion/interest (as it’s close to orange).

Orange is related to determination. You’re in The Zone. It’s the Eye of The Tiger, and you’re rocking it! You’re focused and determined – you WILL succeed! Orange often pairs with purple or silver – your guides and angels are helping you by either protecting you so you can stay on your path or giving you encouragement directly.

Red’s intensity and love. I’ll apologise – when I was taking my notes down initially, orange and red came through slightly differently. I thought orange was passion, as I could see someone working hard, and red was intensity because it was a similar picture. Orange is more correctly the passion of the task at hand – shown by determination – and red is passion in general. Love for the Universe, passion for a cause where there may not be a specific task at hand. It’s intensity because it takes the object focus and builds on it, creating this overwhelming and intense feeling.

White is purity. Think of it as the feeling you get when your soul is clean. It’s the anti-dark brown. Your soul is in a clean, good place.

Forest Green
Forest Green is metaphysical peace and contentment. It’s like being in a peaceful forest, moss under your feet, the sounds around you and perfect calm. Your soul is balanced and in alignment with your purpose.

Black is negative space. It’s not anything bad or evil, it’s more that there’s something lacking, which is stopping you achieve what you’re looking for. If I saw purple with black, I’d interpret that as something you’re lacking is blocking the angel’s protection of you – perhaps you need to meditate, read to increase your knowledge or otherwise look within yourself to overcome this sense of something missing.

Gold is God/Christ light – archangels divine. The protection around you is powerful and loving.

So that’s the colours I see. Sometimes I get effects, also, like:
Sharp colours – Coming soon/currently. It’s in the very near future. Sharp pink is feminine energy right now. Notice that sharp doesn’t quite mean bright – it’s more that it’s clearly defined, obvious.

Muted colours – they can be washed out or look not quite right. These refer to negative outcomes or emotions – something you’re carrying that is affecting an element of your aura.

Bright colours – Positive/intense emotions. Bright orange leads me to feel like it’s positive determination, intense, consuming you (in a good way).

Sparkling – it’s another positive interpretation. It’s your vibration changing in a positive way.

Shimmering/Cloudy – This is like a heat haze on a straight road on a summer’s day. It’s indicative of a blockage that makes it seem like a mirage – it looks like you’re close, but it’s off in the distance. Mustard yellow often presents as a cloud around the person.

Lastly, there are sounds.

The sounds I’ve been able to identify usually come through conversation. I’ll be talking to someone, and they’ll say something that triggers a sound inside me. The sounds I hear are:

Flutes – a childish, positive energy

Hard Day’s Night (the opening chord) – It’s chaos, all that music, all at once.

Drums – Self focused, loud. Consumed by their own sense of importance.

Bass – Peace. Metaphysically aligned, the rhythm of the universe.

Trumpets – A feeling of urgency, intense. Something to act on right now.

Piano – calm and measured. Everything is relaxed and proceeding as it should.

Rock music – Power chords and strength, but a loud, screeching guitar is intense anger and disruption

Trombones – sadness, a feeling of grief.


Well, that’s how I see what I see. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email:

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