About me

Hi! I’m Steve, the Australian Aura Guy.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia, in my 30’s and I read auras. I’m sure you’ve got some questions, so it’s probably easier if we run through them:

What is an aura?

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is “a special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person, place, or thing” (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/aura)

When I talk to people, I’m able to pick up on their individual vibration –  it has a colour and form that is its own, and changes with emotions as well as external influences. I can also explain what it means, so people understand how their soul is reacting to their environment and actions.

“Auras? Angels? That sounds too religious!” OR “Tarot Cards? You mean Lucifer’s Blackjack!”

It’s OK! I promise I’m not going to cram any kind of religion anywhere it doesn’t belong. I respect all belief systems, and hey – who am I to judge?

What are you trying to do with this blog?

I was at a function for spirituality/metaphysical people, and I noticed something. In a room of 400 people, there were very few males. From all the males, no more than 20% of them would have been my age or younger. So out of 400 people, I saw almost peers – people I could connect or relate to. Really? Yikes. I went back to my room that night and realised two things: That there must be other guys who have had experiences with or are interested in understanding more about auras, angels, tarot cards, guides and so forth; and that courses like “Embracing your Women Warrior” weren’t going to cut it. I’m looking to share my experiences in the metaphysical world, some of my life experiences and help my readers keep moving forward.


I’ve got questions!

I can answer them. Please email me at australianauraguy@gmail.com and we can talk.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. how did you learn that you were a sensitive and held these gifts, such as the ability to read auras and see colors. Has there been anyone that has trained you to understand these gifts and how to utilize and harness them for forward movement or good? So that they are not simply catalyst of our own ego’s? Where would you recommend that a “lay” person go to learn about the gifts that they may posses themselves if they are not familiar with the area of metaphysics? Did anyone help you to learn how to do this?

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for your questions. As I’ll mention quite often, I’m not an expert, so I can’t speak with definitive authority – but I’ll always provide my opinion as to how I read what’s asked. I realise I’ve almost written a book as an answer – my apologies!

      Looking back, I’ve had the ability for as long as I can remember – I just didn’t have a name for it. I’m fortunate enough to have a human guide who has explained a lot of my questions,as they have been involved in the metaphysical area longer than I have. My human guide, with the help of my departed guides and angels, has helped me understand what it is that I see and that not everyone can see what I see.

      I’ve realised that although this information has come naturally to me, it hasn’t been easy. One of my biggest challenges has been to trust myself and my intuition. There wasn’t any particular light that came on one night – it has been a steady process that’s been helped by time, me learning about intuition from my human guide, and trusting the information that comes to me.

      My training has come in two parts – from my deceased guides and angels as well as my human guide. My guides in the spiritual world have answered my questions about auras and they show me the meanings of colours, and my human guide has immeasurable patience and has helped me understand how to use my gifts to help people.

      You’re 100% accurate when you mention the ego. There’s a trap where people can say “Oh, I know about these colours, so I know everything” or “It comes naturally, so I don’t have to work at it”. In honesty, it’s something I’ve struggled with – how do I help people with what I know, and make the best positive impact?

      My human guide has been working constantly with me to regulate my ego and keep it under control. That can be a tough gig, and I know I haven’t always been as successful as I’d like, but my guides (spiritual and human) challenge me with love to be less about self, more about help on a daily basis.

      As a lay person trying to understand my gift, my first stop would be myself. I’d recommend finding a peaceful setting and doing some meditation or automatic writing, asking for guidance on your gift and how to use it. You may find it’d communicated to you that way.

      In terms of resources to go to, I’d suggest a few different ones, depending on how you learn and what your interest is in. My first step would be to establish what you’re interested in – for example, you’ve possibly come to this site by looking for resources about auras. Perhaps you’ve also drawn to tarot cards, crystals, earth based magic. Your local town or city may have a shop that’s New Age – it could be a good place to start if you’re drawn towards the tarot card/crystal healing/essential oils areas.

      Online, you can look at things like Facebook groups – often they’ll compliment each other, so a group about tarot cards would lead to a group regarding Doreen Virtue (one of THE authorities on everything to do with angels and guides) which will then lead you to a page about chakra cleansing, then onto Tao and Eastern Medicine, and all would have blurbs about what they relate to and where you can find more information.

      Sadly, there is no Google-like search engine that can tell you what your metaphysical abilities are just based on your gifts, but it is possible to use Google to do the work for you. If I were to discover that I was able to hear the voices of the dead, I can simply type in something like “I can hear dead people” and I’ll find e-books on clairaudience “clear hearing”, YouTube videos on how to listen to the messages from spirits passed on and so forth. All of a sudden I’ve got some answers, more questions and reading to do – for me, that’s an indication that I’m in the right place (when I have more questions than answers).

      The key thing in the discovery phase is that these are your gifts, and the best person to teach you is yourself. You’ll find you’re more drawn to certain areas – things will catch your eye, you’ll become curious about certain aspects of the spiritual or physical realm, you’ll react (positively or negatively) to certain stimuli.

      In terms of who helped me, my biggest help has been my human guide. They have been able to shape my raw ability (when they first recognised I could see auras, it was just me blurting out whatever colour I saw without any understanding of the meanings or patterns presented to me) and educate me on more broader metaphysical points. Something as simple as positive thinking (which I’m conscious of doing on a daily basis) didn’t come naturally to me. I had to make a choice each day, and all of my guides have helped with that.

      I hope that answers your questions, and if you have more (or anyone else does) please ask away!

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