I’ve noticed a few things on my Facebook feed about the 100 day challenge – the idea being that you’re supposed to set and commit goals to achieve over 100 days. A lot of them seem to be fitness related “I’m going to lose X lbs/kgs!” or “I’m going to go to the gym three times a week before summer starts!

I don’t mind admitting that I’ve taken that idea and expanded it. I’ve created a list of goals/challenges/targets for myself over the next 90-something days (I started about a week or so ago), and – while I’d like to keep some of them private – I have no problem sharing two of them.

1) I’m committing to reading ten books in 100 days. While I’m a generally voracious reader, lately I’ve been simply coming home from work and just trying to de-clog my brain by watching my housemate play Nintendo 64 and then going to bed. He’s redoing Zelda: The Something of Something for the first time in a decade and it’s been nice to just chill and watch him play, but it’s not helping me learn or grow. I’m also not talking about little 60 page booklets, I’m looking at 10 300+ page books.

2) Each day (before meditating) I’m taking two minutes to write something positive on a Post-It note – it can be a motivational quote, something positive that my guides have told me, anything to keep myself in a great mood and set the intention for a fantastic day. I’ve got different colours, and I like the way it’s becoming a habit to not only automatically write first thing, but to also re-read them and get avalanched by cheerful little notes

What are some ways you keep yourself motivated and focused on moving forward? Little challenges like these, or long-term goals, or do you just flow where the Universe takes you?