The seventh chakra is our spiritual link – it allows us to be fully connected in spiritual matters. It’s located at the very top of the head, and when aligned properly we are able to experience the beauty of people we meet (on the inside as well as the outside), we feel connected to our sense of spirituality and we find pure bliss.

The crown chakra is a violet colour (similar to the indigo of the third eye chakra, but less blue, more red in tint) and can be cleansed and repaired by meditation and running/cardio exercises.

Because the crown chakra represents spirituality and its connection to self, there aren’t really any beneficial foods for it – the greatest benefit is fresh air and sunshine. A great essential oil to activate the crown chakra is lotus oil, and gemstones that help in this also are:

Amethyst (increases telepathy, intuition and angelic communication, protects against psychic attack and is the stone of spirituality & contentment);
Clear Quartz Crystal (helps draw spiritual light into the chakra);
Diamond (has great healing power – this stone provides purity and illumination, also helping transformation);
Sugalite (helps connect to cosmic consciousness, this give emotional nourishment.

(Indigo is an aura colour that would essentially mean the same as violet for me – angelic protection). This is where being a guy is difficult – I’m like an old-school computer monitor, in that I only see a set amount of colours with regards to auras. Indigo and violet all broadly fall under “purple”.