Blue is a gorgeous, comforting colour when it comes to auras. I see it in two shades – light and dark. Light blue is this beautiful positive masculine energy. I interpret it as being about nourishing your inner sense of childish play, going out and having physical fun. It’s indicative of a lot of love and good vibes. Dark blue immediately conjures up floating peacefully in water, all your cares and worries washing away. It’s a great indication of physical balance and harmony.

In the chakras, Blue relates to the Throat chakra. It shows our ability to communicate, and the areas of truth, communication and our self-expression of feelings. To help heal the chakra, singing and chanting are excellent exercises, as well as drinking juices & teas and all kinds of fruit. Frankincense is a wonderful essential oil to help with any problems with the throat chakra, and gemstones that work wonders are Blue Sapphire (which help to align our truth and bring it into the world); Blue Topaz (bringing the body, mind and spirit into union) and Sodalite (this is a stone of truth – it increases knowledge, learning and intelligence).