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Green is a beautiful colour to see. Continuing on the theme, it resonates with both auras and chakras.

When I see green in an aura, generally it’s a deep, luscious green. It’s like walking through a forest – it shows that the person is in a great, well-balanced metaphysical place. It often pairs with purple (angelic protection) and blue (physical balance).


Green relates to the Heart chakra. It governs our ability to love, and also shows the emotions of joy and inner peace. If the heart chakra is blocked, it can be healed by Bikram Yoga and ensuring our heart is open to others. Certain foods help keep the energy flowing – green leafy vegetables and green tea are among the best.

When using essential oils, Rose and Pine are great to use for the Heart chakra. There are some great gem stones used to heal the Heart chakra also:
Emerald: This stone helps with love and romance, as well as increasing sensitivity and loyalty in yourself and others.
Malachite: This helps cleanse emotional issues, release negative/painful emotions and brings harmony.
Green Jade: Brings in harmony and serenity, and assists in balances emotions
Peridot: It’s a stone of relationships – this stone brings openness and acceptance.
Rose Quartz: Unconditional love. This stone opens the heart centre to all forms of love.