First of all, I make no apologies for this excellent “Dad” joke. In case you haven’t realised by now, I rather like having a bit of fun with my blog titles. That said, yellow is a wonderful colour across the chakra and aura world. It’s a great life colour – the yellow sun, Marigold flowers automatically get you thinking of warmth, life and brightness. Few colours are able to automatically generate such wonderful positivity, which I think is a beautiful thing.


When I see yellow in an aura, it’s generally an indicator of physical health. A bright, warm yellow (like the one above) shows that there’s good health, whereas ill health is shown as a mustard yellow, sickly and gaseous.


Yellow is the colour of the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra relates to our ability to be confident and in control in our lives. The feeling of nerves, of butterflies in your stomach? That’s your Solar Plexus chakra signalling that it’s not as aligned as it should be – you’re not feeling confident or in control. It also indicates issues of self-worth/self-esteem.

This chakra vibrates on the note E. It can be healed by breathing the negative energy out, dancing or eating healing foods – yellow coloured like corn and bananas, as well as grains and fibre – and healing teas (peppermint or chamomile help re-balance this area). Some great essential oils for this chakra are carnation, lemon, gold and chamomile, and if gem stones are of interest to you, then the best ones to help move stagnant energy are amber, citrine, gold and Tiger’s Eye.

Amber: opens the chakra for clarity, balances mood and helps with confidence. It acts to purify, to enhance patience, draw negative energy from the body and purify the spirit.

Citrine: This builds willpower, confidence, clear thinking and happiness.

Gold: This helps regain personal power and strengthen as well as amplifying the body’s energy.

Tiger’s Eye: ROAR! This is great for courage, confidence and protection. It assists in deepening the perception and clarity of self.