Orange is another colour with significance for both auras and chakras.


When orange shows up in an aura, I read it as signifying focus and determination – which is why it can easily be paired with red (passion), silver (angelic communication) or purple (angelic guidance). It’s about being locked in and in The Zone – being guided by yourself or your angels.


Orange relates to the sacral chakra – it governs the connection with others and new experiences. It’s located in the lower abdomen – near the bellybutton – and governs the reproductive system, testes and ovaries as well as the bladder and kidneys. Emotionally, it’s tied to our feelings of abundance and well-being, how we experience pleasure and our sexuality.

In healing and balancing the sacral chakra, there are different options: sound (where the key of D is used); food that is orange (oranges, tangerines, carrots) and any kind of nuts will help realign the chakra. Exercises such as pelvic thrusts can also help clear a chakra blockage, as can dancing – get moving! 🙂