I realised that perhaps I should explain some of the colours I see, and make it clear that they don’t always relate solely to the aura. That said, this will be the first in a series of notes about different colours and their aura meaning and chakra meaning (where relevant).

Red aura colour

Red’s a colour that’s highly emotive – see it on a stop sign and it means stop, see it leaking out of you and you’ve been wounded (or consult a urologist) and it’s used to show temperature. Red also shows up in aura readings and the chakras.

How I see red is passion, intensity. It can be physical passion (lovemaking) or emotional passion – painting a picture, singing – doing something which drives and moves you. When it’s nice and bright, it’s happening now or in the very near future. Dark red can be quite unsettling, as it’s negative thinking, lack of passion, danger.


As the root chakra is red. Here’s a little extra my human guide gave me to make clear – the chakras are entwined with the physical body also. Not only does the root chakra function to ground, provide stability and ensure survival, but it’s also associated with the large intestine and the rectum (also having some influence on kidney function). Issues with this chakra could indicate physical problems, as well.