It’s rare that I shower without someone talking to me. No, I’m not in a sitcom relationship situation, and yes, the bathroom has doors that can be closed. The only problem is my guides. Well, they’re never a problem, but they like to talk to me at the most inconvenient time – when I’m generally in the shower. YIKES.

OK, let me back up slightly. I met my human guide a few years ago, and when we met each other, something mutually clicked. We knew we’d met someone different. I couldn’t articulate it at the time – I didn’t have the understanding of what it was, but our souls seemed to know. One of the things I noticed before I became more aware of the metaphysical area is that I was seeing people. I couldn’t tell who, but I kept feeling that I wasn’t alone. After working with my human guide, and understanding more about angels, guides and how spirits work (personally, “ghosts” sounds either too Scooby Doo or too Patrick Swayze) I understood that these were my guides (and often other spirits) who were trying to communicate with me.

Since I’ve found out about guides, I’ve kept my metaphysical door open for anyone to visit me, provided they have positive intentions. I understand that negative energies will attach themselves to me at times, but it’s my responsibility to overcome this. My guides have some in all shapes, sizes and styles. My Grandfather is one of them; there’s my guide in human form, I have a fairy (who has this amazing fun energy) and there are also some others I haven’t met yet. I’ve also interacted with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel (primarily). Those two are nice guys. Michael shows up with his sword and armour, and his sword has a purple flame running the length of it. Gabriel has almost like a knife or a dagger, and he’s often cutting up an apple to eat while he and Michael talk to me. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t wait around until I’m in the shower – but I think the shower is a great place for guides to talk, because all we humans to (usually) is stand there and get clean. We’re not thinking about the million and one things we have to do – the most difficult task we have to do is remember if we’ve already put shampoo in our hair.

The first time Michael appeared to me, I was with my guide. The next time was a few weeks later, and I was on the other side of the world in a church belonging to a faith in which I was not raised. I don’t want to labour the point, but I’m not someone who has grown up around this. I grew up falling asleep in church and thinking if there was a Heaven, it was currently being occupied by Hugh Hefner. I wasn’t particularly religious, although I did like the story of Sampson getting his strength from his hair – these days, I’d just like to have hair.

In my interactions with guides, angels and fairies, I’ve found that first and foremost they WANT to help. They don’t like the idea of the person they’re communicating with suffering on a physical or spiritual level, and they’re called guides because they’re guiding your choices to reflect the highest possible outcome for all involved. It can be complicated, however, by free will. Humans always have the ability to override guidance, and as such it can create consequences that may not have been foreseen. As with a lot of the metaphysical area, dealing with your guides requires the suspension of ego. We say to ourselves that “I want XYZ, angels please help me”, but we miss the thought that what we want is coming from an egocentric point of view. Believe me, I can say this for a fact – it is freaking HARD to suspend your ego – it’s something I struggle with. First I don’t want to bother them, then I never know what to ask. Over the last year or so, I’ve really had it reinforced that my guides want to help me. Sometimes, it may seem like they’re quite blunt, but I know they always come to me with the best outcome to heart. They’ll give me messages about myself, support and guidance on particular decisions to make, warnings if needed (they can be very upfront about that). If their message isn’t clear, I always make sure to ask for more information, or perhaps the same message in a different way. It helps to clarify their message as much as possible – they’re helping you to achieve the best result for the highest good possible, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that you’re on the right track.

The area that I’ve noticed spiritual guidance in my life the most would have to be breaking habits that no longer serve me. My guides have been literally life changing in their abilities, explanations and assistance – pointing out which hamster wheel I’m running on, then helping me learn and grow enough to get off it and shape my life for the highest good.

As you can understand, this has solely been my interactions with my angels and guides – I can’t say that you’ll have the same results with yours as I have with mine. For the record, when I’m not in the shower, the angels and guides will often send me messages when I’m outside in nature, certainly when I’m meditating, and sometimes when I’m in the midst of a household task like washing dishes. I find anything that clears the mind is helpful and allows messages to come across more strongly.

Have you met any angels or guides? I’d love to know!